Delapre Abbey, Northampton
September 2017 – Ongoing – Northampton Borough Council – Value undisclosed

MMK Civils Ltd were awarded this project in July 2017 and a commencement on site of 16th September 2017. This scheme consists of three phases. MMK will be Principal Contractor on this Project. MMK’s Setting Out Engineers and teams will commence on site 16th September 2017 to establish Site Compound and start enabling works for the Project.

Phase One consists of the Construction of a new circa 3000m2 permeable surface car park which has a Construction detail of various Geotextile layers and a Cellweb Tree root protection geogrid and permeable stone fill contained by two layers of Eco-friendly sleepers which totals near to 850 linear metres to keep in with the surroundings of the Abbey which has a vast amount of trees situated in the grounds. The finish will be a Gridforce paving mat which will require our workforce screeding the bedding layer of 2-6mm permeable granite to a minimal tolerance and laying and interlocking of the mats and then filled over utilising the same 2-6mm granite and compacted. The advantage of using the Gridforce system is that it will allow us to fit in Parking Bay Markers into the paving mats, MMK will also be installing the associated ducting and Builders works for the CCTV and Lighting Columns. New vehicular gates will also be installed for the entrance / exit for the new car park. A re-inforced concrete slab will be constructed over an existing drainage swale which runs through the footprint of the Car Park.

Phase Two will consist of the excavation and installation of a Heavy Duty 45,000 Ltr Water Storage tank to allow the Fire Services a close point in the event of a fire to co-incide with the latest regulations for the Abbey.

MMK Civils Ltd will have to excavate to a depth of 5.5 metres and install Sheet Piling and Hydraulic braces and safe access / egress point to ensure the safety of our workforce, all works will be in accordance with the Temporary Works Design. The tank will be installed and fully surrounded with a sulphate resistant concrete also including a heavily re-inforced slab and anchor points for the tank.

Phase Three consists of the re-furbishment of an existing Car Park including all ducting and builders works for CCTV / Lighting Columns, installation of new drainage / ACO Channel linear drains, and full CCTV / Surveying of the existing drainage network, and installation of a Glas-Grid Geo-textile on an existing concrete surface and regulating tarmac and an overlay of the whole existing area which is circa 2000m2, and all new Thermoplastic line markings.

We will also be installing a new Vehicular Loop road which will also include various Geo-textile layers again including a 200mm deep re-inforced Cellweb layer for Tree root protection and full tarmac construction and all associated kerbing and Gridforce paving systems where required. Also we will be installing various sweeping footpaths throughout the Abbey to suit and enhance the look of the Abbey to go along with the major works being undertaken in and around the Abbey.

Fencing and associated works have been included in MMK’s package of works  on this scheme.

MMK Civils Ltd will be carrying out these works on a full Labour, Plant and Materials basis with all Setting Out and Surveying by MMK Civils Ltd.

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