Projects/New Projects

Brixworth Rural Business, Northamptonshire
July 2020 

We received the order from this rural business in Northampton to upgrade the access road to their business premises. We installed new concrete edgings to both sides and imported new granular planings and compacted and trimmed utilising heavy compaction plant to bind the final surface course.

Brixworth Farm,

June 2020 

On this project we were contacted by our client due to constant flooding of an access to a rural business. We surveyed the area and carried out drainage repairs and installed a filter drain and soakaways in the affected area to resolve the issue.

Cherwell District Council, Banbury
February 2020 

We were given the order for the construction of a new block paving footpath at this site where we installed over 2000m2 of machine laid asphalt on the car park for these new apartments in Banbury, Oxfordshire. 

Industrial Depot, Daventry, Northamptonshire
December 2019

We were requested by our existing client to provide them with a new asphalt footpath from their main entrance to the reception area of their premises with the installation of drop kerbs for a safe access for their staff and visitors to the busy depot. Asphalt surfacing by MMK Surfacing Ltd.

Hako Depot,

September 2019 – October 2019 

MMK complete on a project in Northamptonshire. Our clients wanted a new modern external area and re-configured parking details to the front entrance of their head office. As you can see works included reduced excavation and new kerbing, surface water drainage and new block paved pedestrian areas walkways…

Co-op Community Garden, Northamptonshire
October 2019 

A project just completed by our Civils and Surfacing divisions with groundworks & civils and tarmac surfacing completed. This was a derelict area adjacent to a Northamptonshire Co-op supermarket which the supermarket decided to make use of and create a community garden…

Synergy Healthcare, Northampton
March 2019 – April 2019

MMK Civils Ltd have been awarded this project at an industrial depot in Northamptonshire. Works consist of the excavation for new HGV loading bays to allow the Client to install HGV wheel alignment fittings to keep up with the latest health and safety standards for their operatives working on and around the loading bays in the 24 hour busy depot. Installation of re-inforcement and drilling and doweling into the existing slabs and pouring of structural…

Campion School, Bugbrooke, Northamptonshire
February 2019 – March 2019 

MMK Civils will be working on this project alongside our surfacing division MMK Surfacing. This job is to construct a new tarmac footpath at the school as a health and safety upgrade for the school to allow the pupils safe access to and from their working areas. Our fourth job for this school now…

RC Church, Rushden, Northamptonshire
July 2019

A small surfacing project by us at a church in Rushden, Northamptonshire for an existing client. Our client contacted us as the existing asphalt surfacing had failed due to poor sub-base and compaction…

Section 278 Works, Northampton
August 2018 – October 2018 – Willmott Dixon Construction

MMK Civils Ltd have secured the Section 278 works on this site in Northampton. Works include the excavation and installation of circa 100m2 of block paved parking area for a vehicle garage and excavation and construction of a new bellmouth entrance including kerbing, tactile paving crossovers and asphalt surfacing and thermoplastic lining to complete. We also have in the package the construction of a new traffic island and bollards to suit the new road layout….

4 Storey Apartment Block, Banbury
June 2018 – September 2018 – Cherwell Council

MMK Civils have been awarded the groundwork and civil engineering on this new project. Works consist of excavation and breaking down of pile caps and installation of a new re-inforced steel mat and 450mm deep concrete slab including the installation and casting of 40 no sets of HD bolts to carry the steel frame building, all setting out and accuracy checks on all works and HD bolts by MMK’s direct engineers. Also included is the new drainage installation to include…

Paving Works, Northampton
November 2018 – December 2018 – Willmott Dixon Construction

MMK have been awarded the external works and extensive paving works on a new housing development in Northampton. Extensive externals including soft landscaping and paving works…

Campion School, Bugbrooke, Northamptonshire
March 2018 – June 2018

The project is the construction of a new car park including all enabling works, earthworks cut and fill, all associated externals and surface water drainage and associated lighting/ducting etc. Also in the Order is the extensive refurbishment and enhancement of an existing road/car park on the same site including full excavation of an existing roadway and new construction make up/widening and surfacing…

Delapre Abbey, Northampton
September 2017 – February 2018 – Northampton Borough Council

MMK Civils Ltd were awarded this project in July 2017 and a commencement on site of 16th September 2017. This scheme consists of three phases. MMK will be Principal Contractor on this Project. MMK’s Setting Out Engineers and teams will commence on site 16th September 2017 to establish Site Compound and start enabling works for the Project. Phase One consists of the Construction of a new circa 3000m2 permeable surface car park which has a Construction detail of various Geotextile layers…

Housing Development, Banbury
April 2018 – June 2019 – Sanctuary Housing Group

MMK have been awarded the full Groundworks and Civils Package for the new roads and infrastructure and Groundwork/Sub-structure works to all plots on a new housing development in Banbury, Oxfordshire…

Project Middlesex, Bletchley
Feb 2017 – January 2018 – Willmott Partnership Homes – Value undisclosed

A similar nature to the Kenilworth and Whaddon projects, enabling works, roads and sewers and foundation works to DPC and Section 278 Works on the new housing development. This project includes a pumping station which will need to be installed by MMK and a main foul drainage connection onto the main highway where MMK will have to work around the existing services in the vicinity and will include all necessary Traffic Management and planning to ensure a smooth process for the main drainage connection…

Project Whaddon, Bletchley
Feb 2017 – January 2018 – Willmott Partnership Homes – Value undisclosed

Similar to Project Kenilworth, the first stage of this project is to break out and remove a large area of an existing concrete slab and remove from site. MMK will be importing material to make up levels for the new access roads and footpaths and utilising heavy compaction plant to ensure the stabilisation of the sub base for the new infrastructure. Again MMK will be installing all storm and foul drainage including another large attenuation system including all necessary earth work support…

Northampton General Hospital
May 2017 – December 2017 – Value undisclosed

MMK Civils Ltd secured the Groundwork and Civil Engineering on this site to include the RC Frame work on a new build for a new MRI Scanner Unit for global company Phillips at Northampton General Hospital. The works order include all enabling works, Piling Mat, Piling Assistance, concrete, shuttering and re-inforcement and all externals, drainage and services etc on a Labour, Plant and Materials basis. The works consist of the initial bulk excavation… 

Greenfields School, N’pton
July – Aug 2016 – Galliford Try Construction – Value £23,000

MMK were requested to firstly visit site and asked for their views on the issues that were present at Greenfields School in Northampton. The lower level of the site was a low lying area and did not appear to have any drainage present and the area was prone to flooding which resulted in that part of the playground being frequently closed off. MMK drafted in one of our teams and we excavated a soakaway trench through various parts of the affected areas, and we installed a terram wrapped soakaway…

St. Luke’s School, Northampton
Mar – Apr 2016 – Galliford Try Construction – Value £30,000

MMK were called in for remedial works to St. Lukes School in Northampton, where they were having issues with stormwater ponding on the schools playground surface. It was decided that a form of drainage was required to take the surface water from this area so MMK sent one of our engineers to carry out a survey and level check of the existing area and surface and it was decided we would have to install a suitable ACO Channel across the edge of the playground and excavate…

Project Kenliworth, Bletchley
Jan 2017 – January 2018 – Willmott Partnership Homes – Value undisclosed

MMK were awarded this scheme as part of three schemes within a 1.5 mile radius of each other by Willmott Partnership Homes Ltd. The initial part of this project is the enabling works including site compound set up, then MMK will utilise an excavator and breaker attachment to break out and remove a vast area of an existing concrete slab and remove from site, followed on by a reduced level dig to enable us to install the storm and foul drainage systems and also a large attenuation system…

Biomedica Depot, Oxford
July 2015 – Dec 2015 –  Willmott Dixon Construction – Value £100,000

In July 2015 MMK Civils Ltd were awarded the contract for the Groundwork and Civil Engineering at their site at the above address. Initially MMK were called in to carry out the enabling works for the Willmott Dixon site team, and then successfully negotiated the main construction phase of the works which included the excavation and removal of redundant cable / service troughs and re-instating the ground to make good. Also, MMK were contracted to carry out all new service trenches…

Blackbird Leys, Oxford
Oct 2013 – Jan 2015 – Willmott Dixon Construction – Value £250,000

In October 2013 MMK started work on the above project to construct a new leisure centre which included an olympic size swimming pool and all external works including drainage, attenuation works and the installation of three 14m x 2.0m washout tanks for the maintenance of the new swimming pool in very tricky ground conditions. The main excavation of the pool was excavated with a de-watering system installed around the pre -piled ground due to the high water table and the running sand conditions…

Project Fitzroy, Northampton
Nov 2015 – December 2016 – Galliford Try Construction – Value £1,200,000

In November 2015 MMK were called in by Galliford Try Construction to carry out the Groundwork and Civil Engineering on Europe’s largest secure mental health building for St.Andrews Healthcare. Working on a Labour, Plant and Materials basis with all Setting Out and Engineering placed in MMK Civils package, this was a high pressure project which required precision setting out and engineering with every part of the works to a high tolerance within a tight programme…

Little Billing Park Group
Dec 2016 – Jan 2017 – Value undisclosed

MMK were awarded this project in Little Billing, Northampton which includes all associated civils aspects for the construction of numerous concrete plinths for new street furniture for the above group. Works include all excavation, shuttering, re-inforcement and concrete and concrete finishing all in line with the structural engineers drawings and specification. MMK will also be fixing the street furniture with anti-tamper vandal guards and will carry out all topsoiling and making good of the works upon completion.