Northampton General Hospital, Northampton
May 2017 – Ongoing – Value undisclosed

MMK Civils Ltd secured the Groundwork and Civil Engineering on this site to include the RC Frame work on a new build for a new MRI Scanner Unit for global company Phillips at Northampton General Hospital.

The works order include all enabling works, Piling Mat, Piling Assistance, concrete, shuttering and re-inforcement and all externals, drainage and services etc on a Labour, Plant and Materials basis.

The works consist of the initial bulk excavation and laying of a Piling Mat to Structural Engineers design / layout and assistance with the Piling Contractor whilst the Piling is undertaken, with piles and cages being installed to a depth of circa 15 metres. MMK Civils will also crop all piles to required levels and install all foundations and a heavily re-inforced RC Ground Beam and Structural Slab with HD Bolt sets installed into the slab and isolated pile caps to carry the new build, all Setting Out of the HD Bolts etc and levels will be by MMK Civils Ltd direct Setting Out Engineer as this was also placed in MMK’s order. We will also be constructing new retaining walls so that the existing structures can remain in place in close proximity to the new build.

When the initial sub-structure works are completed (Phase One) MMK Civils Ltd have also been requested to provide a engineer to assist with the positioning of Gridlines and levels for new steel column elevations for the new build as the build commences to ensure everything from sub-structure to supers continues with accuracy due to minimal tolerance on the project.

MMK will also be installing re-inforcement and pouring the structural slabs via a concrete pump on first floor and roof level slabs.

Works are due for completion Nov 2017.

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