Greenfields School, Northampton
July – Aug 2016 – Galliford Try Construction – Value £23,000

MMK were requested to firstly visit site and asked for their views on the issues that were present at Greenfields School in Northampton. The lower level of the site was a low lying area and did not appear to have any drainage present and the area was prone to flooding which resulted in that part of the playground being frequently closed off.

MMK drafted in one of our teams and we excavated a soakaway trench through various parts of the affected areas, and we installed a terram wrapped soakaway trench incorporating a 150mm perforated pipe and full backfill of a clean free draining gravel material to allow the surface water to escape from the problem areas, and removal from site all excavated material and making good of all works and topsoiling to any landscaped areas affected by our works.

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