St. Luke’s School, Northampton
Mar – Apr 2016 – Galliford Try Construction – Value £30,000

MMK were called in for remedial works to St. Lukes School in Northampton, where they were having issues with stormwater ponding on the schools playground surface.

It was decided that a form of drainage was required to take the surface water from this area so MMK sent one of our engineers to carry out a survey and level check of the existing area and surface and it was decided we would have to install a suitable ACO Channel across the edge of the playground and excavate and lay a drainage pipe to a storm manhole in the school grounds and make a direct connection into the storm drainage network.

MMK then re-instated the tarmac surfacing disturbed by our works and made good the landscaped area disturbed by the main drainage run installed by us, MMK’s supervisor then signed off the works with Galliford Try’s after care manager who commented on the neatness and high quality of our teams work.

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