Project Fitzroy, Northampton
Nov 2015 – Ongoing – Galliford Try Construction – Value £1,200,000

In November 2015 MMK were called in by Galliford Try Construction to carry out the Groundwork and Civil Engineering on Europe’s largest secure mental health building for St.Andrews Healthcare. Working on a Labour, Plant and Materials basis with all Setting Out and Engineering placed in MMK Civils package, this was a high pressure project which required precision setting out and engineering with every part of the works to a high tolerance within a tight programme.

MMK carried out various works from resin bonded gravel internal and external courtyards (see gallery pages) with high quality finishes with permeable surfaces and a SUDS permeable build up under the surface where we followed a drainage build up layer utilising drainage connections and permeable stone layers capped with a 2-6mm Ultraflow gravel screeded to a high tolerance to allow a safety rubber crumb surface to be laid and to create a permeable system in every courtyard, this was carried out to all Ground Floor Courtyards. After completing the first few courtyards MMK were approached and asked to complete the same permeable stone layers and preparation for the rubber crumb surfacing on all first floor courtyards which was not in our original package. This was a time consuming process and had to be done by means of loading bulk bags at ground floor level and hoisted up to the first floor courtyards using a 250t mobile crane and emptied at first floor level and levelled and laid to a laser precision level screed so the safety rubber crumb surface can be laid.

Further to this we had the Attenuation Tank works which comprised of a 42m x 14m x 3.0m deep excavation to allow the crate system to be installed onto the impermeable membrane and wrapped and sealed and fully surrounded with a stone free material so as not to puncture the membrane. This was part of the drainage system which also included a Rainwater Harvesting Tank where due to the way the tank was manufactured, we had to excavate to a depth of five metres and install a hydraulic brace system to shore up the ground so we could excavate to the required depth and install the concrete base and anchor irons to hold the RWH Tank in place when lowered in. All RAMS and Temporary works permits due to the depth and the need for the hydraulic brace system were in place and signed off by Galliford Try’s H & S Manager prior to breaking ground.

A free draining MUGA pitch was also installed with a permeable surface with a 300mm gravel base with a storm drainage connection with a green tarmac surface.

All externals were also completed including kerbing, edging laying and all the Setting Out and topsoiling to the landscaped areas, MMK were also requested to carry out the Section 278 works to the new entrance to Fitzroy House, which required MMK management to liase with the local Highways department to agree a programme and a sensible, appropriate method for the works which was to be carried out on a busy route near to the local A & E department, and keeping in touch with the Highways inspector to make sure we were adhering to all Highways conditions for the tactile paving and crossovers etc.

This is and was an exciting project to work on, to be involved with the building of Europe’s largest secure mental health unit and should be coming to a close toward the end of 2016.

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